Collette's Social Responsibility Program

Making the world a better place through travel

Book by Dec 31, 2020

Social Responsibility at Collette means working together to take care of the places we live, work and travel. Collette focus on four key areas – Community, People, Travel, and Planet – taking a holistic approach by striving to do good in every area.



Since the early days of Collette, it has been part of their philosophy to give back to communities in need through volunteering and nonprofit support.


The Collette Foundation, supports worldwide communities in need through hunger and education initiatives. Each year, employees volunteer more than 4,500 hours of their time to efforts in their own communities and across the world.



Travel is one of the world’s best teachers – revealing cultures, communities and traditions completely unlike your own while at the same time illuminating how connected we really are.


Collette strives to create an experience their guests not only enjoy, but also feel good about. They work to sustain and preserve communities, cultures, and traditions through tourism, and positively impact the places we come to know as travellers.



Our world is filled with awe-inspiring natural wonders. Collette is actively making responsible decisions to reduce our carbon footprint and care for our planet, the place we all call home.


By making small changes like ditching singe use products, recyclying bottles & cans, being energy efficient, we can all help taking care of the planet and its precious natural resources.



Collette's culture is inclusive and welcoming to everyone. They encourage different perspectives, ideas, and opinions that can help innovate and take better care of the world we live in. 

Every moment matters to Collette because they know it matters to you. Collette hires people who are passionate about sharing their own love of travel and uncovering mysteries. Choosing Collette comes with benefits that take your guided travel experience to another level. Their inclusive tours provide you more value for your money and more of what makes travel special.

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See your travel advisor for more information on Collette's social responsibility program.