Vacation with a Cause

Be immersed in the region's beauty and culture and impact the everyday lives of the locals.

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Set on the stunning white beaches of Riviera Maya, UNICO 20°87° immerses guests in the culture of the region, from the locally-inflected cocktails and cuisines to the art in the rooms. Three unique pools and a holistic spa and wellness center drive home a sense of relaxed luxury, while exciting pop-up events insert a touch of spontaneity into the experience.


UNICO 20˚87˚ doesn’t just take advantage of its location, however––the hotel’s philosophy as a one-of-a-kind, all-inclusive is evident in every facet of the experience. Here, the atmosphere of the hotel immerses guests in the local culture. The cuisine, the mixology, the art and ambience, the service and the amenities are all inspired and elevated by local customs and traditions.


UNICO 20˚87˚ takes their local pride a rewarding step further: instead of the now-expected “butler service”, the hotel offers each guest a Local Host who will provide enhanced service including “insider’s” knowledge and local perspective. Location is at the heart of UNICO 20˚87˚ experience, which is why the latitude and longitude of the region is in the hotel name – 20˚N 87˚W. These coordinates are representative, not only of UNICO 20˚87˚’s devotion to its location, but also its ambition to immerse guests in the region’s beauty and culture.


Vacation With A Cause

Vacation With A Cause is UNICO 20˚87˚ Hotel's newest volunteer program that offers the opportunity to impact the everyday lives of those in surrounding communities by bringing donated items from home to the hotel. Giving back to the community has always been a top priority for everyone at UNICO 20˚87˚, and this program invites you as a guest to make a change in the local communities with a generous donation. 


Where do your Donations Go?

All donated clothing items will be collected by the RCD Foundation and distributed amongst sectors of the population with limited resources.  All donated school supplies and other items will be distributed to the Nuevo Noh-Bec and Juares community school.


What you can donate

- Men and women's clothing

- Children and baby clothes

- Blankets and towels

- School supplies

- Toys and games



About the RCD Foundation

RCD Foundation is a civic association that promotes actions to improve the living conditions of people with limited resources through social development, education and health programs. The foundation works together with other non-profit private entities, institutions, companies and individuals to fulfill their corporate purpose.




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